Ultraviolet photography and filming

Ultraviolet photography and filming is a photographic process of recording images by using light from the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum only. Images taken with ultraviolet light serve a number of scientific, medical or artistic purposes. Images may reveal deterioration of art works or structures not apparent under visible light. Diagnostic medial images may be used to detect certain skin disorders or as evidence of injury. Some animals, particularly insects, use ultraviolet wavelengths for vision; ultraviolet photography can help investigate the markings of plants that attract insects, while invisible to the unaided human eye. Ultraviolet photography of archaeological sites may reveal artifacts or traffic patterns not otherwise visible.

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UV sun damage on skin.

Our UV Cams show the damaging effects of the sun and the importance of using a high quality sunscreen every day to help protect your skin. Pigmentation (melanin) build-up shows up as dark spots, so you can spot invisible sun damage.  This helps you take better precaution and protect against later problems – before it becomes visible.

See through the skin.

Sunblock looks black in UV light with our UV Cams, showing up uncovered areas when applying it, and when it fades or wears off during the day! Our UV Cams assists in uncovering developing sunspots, monitoring skin damage due to aging, and even getting advance warning of skin health risks that cause melanoma, so you can take proactive measures to make the best decisions for your skin.

UV camera facts